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Prenzlauer Berg is an energetic, edgy, now becoming gentrified neighborhood in former East Berlin. The sidewalks are filled with young parents pushing baby carriages and entire families going shopping, to school, work, etc, by bicycle. Every block seems to have at least one major renovation project underway. In short, this area is changing as we speak. Our flat, although renovated with the modern conveniences, is decorated in a shabby chic style consistent with the neighborhood. The bathroom is not even three feet wide, but sports a black chandelier light fixture.

Richard easily touches both walls in the bathroom

Pleasant Kitchen

We’re making very good use of this:

When the espresso is ready, it turns itself off. Yes, on Amazon.

A rolling table makes it possible to stay cozy in bed while surfing the web or drinking espresso.

Breakfast in bed, anyone?

The tiny balcony allows for tapas on warmer evenings

Tapas on the Balcony

Sunset from the Balcony

The sound of church bells wafts through the window, notably at 6 am, noon, and 6 pm.

Two blocks away from the apartment, where the Berlin Wall once stood, is now a beautiful green space called Mauer (wall) Park. Not so very long ago, this was a popular area for attempted escapes to the West and residents were tightly controlled by the East German police. Yesterday the park was filled with families relaxing on a Sunday afternoon. A puppeteer entertained a group of attentive children.

Puppetshow at Mauerpark

A giant fleamarket filled with vendors who must have started setting up in the middle of the night offered many interesting treasures

Fleamarket Treasures

Side by side you can see the contrast between the newly renovated and old buildings nearby.

Schabby and Schic

One old building off the beaten path still bore the scars of World War II.

Scars from World War II

Unique boutiques cry out for shoppers’ attention

I'm guessing this isn't the place to shop for underwear

Several major public transit lines, tram, U-bahn and S-bahn, serve the area. Prenzlauer Berg is very high on the list of possible places for us to live in the coming year.


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